Assistance with routes.yaml

Continuing the discussion from Simply - Theme has a fresh design and is looking pretty elegant:

Please see above topic, after following the instructions as described I was unable to get it to work as intended.

Could anyone tell me if my routes.yaml is wrongly set up or point me to the right direction? Technically speaking, by marking posts with the hashtag podcast, these should show up in the page specifically created for this purpose.

Many thanks in advance!

It looks like you said your podcasts data to be a page called podcast. That would keep you from getting the data for posts called podcasts. You’ll either want to swap that out for tags.podcast or use a get helper in the page to pull the posts separately.

Hey! Thanks for having a look at it.

To make things clearer, this is the page where all posts with hashtag podcast should be listed.

I’ve followed the walkthrough as written in the theme’s GitHub page, however, this post, using hashtag podcast (not podcasts) doesn’t list there.

What am I doing wrong? Are GitHub instructions unclear?

Many thanks in advance.

Sorry for the late response but like I said before you’ve got your data field set incorrectly. And your filter field looks wrong too. If you do the below it should work fine.

    controller: channel
    filter: tag:[#podcast]
    limit: 10
    template: godo-podcast


Sorry to inform your suggestion returns a completely blank page when visiting the URL where all podcasts should be listed. I’ve had to re-load the previous config but I can assure you this is the case.

This isn’t my theme, it’s someone else’s. I’ve already approached the theme’s creator but my effort has been fruitless so far.

As I’ve said, I’ve categorically followed the instructions in Github as per above link. Don’t know what is actually wrong!

Many thanks in advance once again.

Maybe try adding the data field back then but keep the filter field that I gave above.

At this point though it sounds like you might need to start going into the theme files themselves to find that godo-podcast template and see what it’s doing.

That’s exactly what I did and still nothing…

This is what godo-podcast.hbs currently looks like code-wise.

And this is what story-podcast.hbs currently looks like.

Already opened a thread (see link on my pretty first message on this thread) but haven’t heard back from the Theme’s creator.

Something isn’t right and I can’t figure it out, needless to say I am no expert, hence the reason I decided to go ahead and open this thread.

Anything else you or anyone else in the community could do would be much appreciated!