Auto translation

I haven’t exactly read much about auto-translations in the Ghost documentation. But I saw two plugins. But is there a completely free method by which I can have my posts translated automatically? (Also manually if necessary?)

You might want to have a look at this? Official Ghost + Weglot Integration

But as it looks, it’s not always free…

I honestly doubt that you would find something for free that works out of the box.

Creating a translation service takes a lot of effort from a development and translation perspective, and integrating that into a (still quite niche compared to others) CMS like Ghost is a whole different story.

The closest you’ll get to free is probably the Google Translator API, yet we all know it’s not really free and you’ll be paying with your visitors data :sweat_smile:

I would not like to rely on any auto-translation service. As a Czech native speaker, when I see the output of any advanced tool like ChatGPT, Bard, or DeepL translator, I can confidently say that it is horrible.

Weglot is the only integration that we can assure. But sometimes it gave horrible translations.

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