AWS S3 Storage Adapter on Ghost(Pro)

I am starting a subscription Ghost site but I need to the ability to host large, hi-def videos. Preferably, I would like a Ghost contributor/editor team members to be able to upload directly to Ghost as they create posts, instead of using a 3rd party solution (YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, etc) and the embedding the video. Also, I would like the videos to be in posts that are only for paying members of the site.

For Ghost(Pro) running version 5.x.x on the Creator pricing tier, is it possible to run a custom storage adapter for AWS S3, so that any media upload will be saved in an S3 bucket (instead of local file storage)?

I also explored using a custom integration, but there there is no hook for “media upload”.

From what I understand, the only way to customize the storage adapter on self hosted instance of Ghost, but I have been satisfied with Ghost(Pro) so I would prefer to use that instead of self host.

Custom storage adapters require modifying Ghost’s core configuration, which isn’t possible on Ghost(Pro).

Depending on these videos, I think your team’s and users’ experience might be better off using a service dedicated to serving videos (like YouTube, Vimeo), as they provide lots of optimizations and enhancements out of the box.

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Thx for the speedy answer!