Basic question about #has helper

I simply cannot get the has helper block to work. Can anyone help me? I’m making a multi language blog, so that would help me a lot.

What I want is to be able to check if the site has “/no/” in the slug or the tag “#no”, but I can’t get either to work.

As an example, I took out one of the most basic uses I’m trying to get to work:

    {{#if @site.description}}
      {{#has slug=../no}}
      	<p class="m-hero-description bigger">Description test - no</p>
      	<p class="m-hero-description bigger">Description test - en</p>

I’ve also tried stuff like
{{#has slug=no}}
{{#has slug=“no”}}
{{#has slug=/no/}}

What am I doing wrong?? The {{else}}-part works fine.


Check your tag’s slug in the Admin area. If it’s name is “#no” it’s a private tag and it’s slug is likely to be hash-no in which case the usage would be {{#has tag="hash-no"}}

Thanks for your reply!
That might work for when trying to find the tag, but I want to be able to check for either/or. In this instance, the page is “” but doesn’t have the internal tag #no.

So I guess what I want to know is: How do I do it when looking only for the slug? How do I do it when looking for a tag? Or how could I set it up for it to check “either /no/ in the slug OR #no as an internal tag”?