Best practices for custom member attributes

Hello everyone,

I just stumbled across Portal.
I’m sure eventually it’s gonna be nice, but since it’s designed as an iFrame and I can’t override the styling, I’m not interested in using it, at the moment.

What I like about it tho is the name field.

What’s the best practice in adding such fields myself?
I’m using a fairly customized version of the casper theme, hosted in-house at Ghost through Pro, and I’d like to add First and Last name as fields in the member area. But how can I map those to the database?

Hints are highly appreciated.

Hey @davidseek,

For this, you can add an input with data-members-name attribute to your signup form, and it will be mapped to the name field of the new member automatically.

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That’s great @minimaluminium

Is there an index for all available attributes?
Is there a way to add custom attributes?

You can read about the available attributes here on the docs. data-members-label is a way to segment the members by custom labels which you might be interested in.