Best way to host multiple ghost blogs?

Hi guys, I host a blog on Digital Ocean as well as another one myself on my home server pc. I am running Ubuntu Server 18.04 on the home server with the current ghost install set up with docker. The Let’s Encrypt container is used as a reverse proxy to direct the root domain to the localhost and the port number for this ghost instance.

Now, if I was to run more than one ghost blog on the same server, would it be better to run them as seperate ghost containers or should I natively install and run ghost on the server outside of docker? And then just use ghost-cli to install the multiple ghost blogs in /var/www, /var/www2, /var/www3 etc?

What would be the best practice? At the moment, I am unsure how I would go about backing up the ghost blog running in docker, except that I mapped a volume for the /var/lib/ghost/content to a local volume.

What would you do? And which would be easier to backup and manage?

That’s the officially supported route so you might find it’s easier to get help if something goes wrong.

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Okay, makes sense. One problem I already had was the docker does not update as fast.