Blog Lists / Newsletter Lists?

I’ve put my blog on a few lists… The only ones that really seem to have gotten me subscribers are Ghost Explore, Inboxreads, and The Sample. None of the other open lists I tried have even gotten me clicks, but let me know if I missed something.

Inboxreads is straightforward and easy and I’d really recommend it, low-hanging fruit.

The Sample got me a few subscribers, but they’re almost all from the same article, which was the second thing I put out since enabling it and which had the clickbaitiest name. It’s also mildly annoying to set up without API access, you basically get emails whenever you get a new subscriber and have to import them through a spreadsheet, but then the spreadsheet has all of the people who ever subscribed through the sample, and the columns are a little off, so it imports in a weird way… Also, there’s a slight pyramid-scheme thing going on, where they want you to spread their referral link, and then they try to get you more subscribers, but that’s lame. But here’s my referral link:man_shrugging:

I’m more here to ask… Have you found any of these lists useful at all?


Thanks for the link to I had not run across that one.

In addition to The Sample, I get traffic to my blog ( from a handful of directories I’ve submitted to:

And some StumbleUpon type sites:

Some of my articles did well on, and they gave me $100 of free advertising credit, which nets a subscriber ever ~$3 or so. (I haven’t sent to the new subscribers from there yet so I don’t know how long they’ll stick around, but they seem legit.)

This is a cool search engine that accepts submissions of individual blogposts of a certain type (non-commercial, non-bloated):

I get traffic for various projects from some of the “constraint club” directories:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hey Curiositry! How do you check for compressed website size relative to the constraint clubs?

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@oddlinks I think you can see it in the network tab of your browser’s devtools if you do a cache-busting refresh, but this is easier:

Put your site in, and look at “Bytes Total” and “Bytes Transferred” on the main page of the report. & go by uncompressed size, by compressed size.

With your theme, portal, search, and fonts are going to be most of the weight. (You might be able to get it down a bit by putting any cards you don’t use in the package.json list that makes it not load Ghost’s default styles for them.)

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Actually, the browser devtools approach is easier:

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Thanks! That is easier. Not that the first option was arduous :joy:

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