Blog Page using Udesly


I have created a site on Webflow and converted through Udesly and installed to our Ghost site as a theme. The static pages work, and the “tag” page works, and the individual blog posts work, but the blog page itself does not work and cannot autopopulate the posts. I would appreciate any help regarding this, as I can’t seem to figure it out. I have the attribuets and page=list all set properly, as well as the route.yaml set, but I would love for someone to review it with me and make sure that I have them set properly.


Hey nkassebaum, I don’t think I have much guidance for solving your problem, but I was wondering how you got your static pages to work? I can’t seem to get that part. I have my slugs in ghost set to the same ones as the pages I made in webflow, but I get a 404 every time I try to navigate off the home screen. How did you get yours to work?

I think you need to setup routes in your routes.yaml file as well

yes it seems like that’s what was missing - thank you! Do you mind taking a look at this question i posted to see if you have any ideas?

Thank you again!