Calling an external JSON API with Ghost

Hi, I have not yet installed Ghost and plan on using the Ghost(Pro) plan, if I move forward with Ghost. (Though if needed, I can self host.) Currently I’m evaluating if I can use it as a platform.

The Membership feature is really what I’m excited about. However, while SOME of my content will be blog posts, other content I want to pull in from a JSON API. Specifically, a variety of data from the New York legislature.

I have three questions:

  1. Can I use the HTML editor to also include JavaScript to make JSON API calls so I can display this content?

  2. If not, I’ve read that Ghost can be used as a back-end only. If I do that, do I lose the benefits of the membership features?

  3. Is there some sort of hybrid option, where I use Ghost as a front-end for most stuff but also have certain pages that can fetch content from a different API, but behind the membership wall?