Can I create a custom taxonomy for a single tag


I have created a tag newsletter-archive for use with my published newsletters. Currently, the tag URL is /tag/newsletter-archive, but I don’t like that and would like it to be something else.

My newsletter collection has its custom permalink as shown in the code below:


    permalink: /news/{year}/{slug}/
    template: newsletter
    filter: tag:hash-newsletter


I want to use a similar URL structure for the newsletter-archive tag. Instead of the permalink for the tag being /tag/newsletter-archive, I want it to be /news/newsletter-archive to match the URL structure of my newsletter collection.

I know that I can change the taxonomies in the routes.yaml file so that all tags have a new URL structure - for example, changing /tag/{slug} to /topic/{slug}, but that is not what I want to do.

I want to change the taxonomy for a single tag - from /tag/newsletter-archive to /news/newsletter-archive as described above.

Is that possible, and how would I format the custom taxonomy in the routes.yaml file?


Mel XD