Can I make counters?

I am new in Ghost 3.0 and I wonder if it is possbile to create a counter per visit in a page.

[Image describing the page] Tiitle of the page (number of visits to the page)

The menu showing the list of pages woulb be like this:
[ImageOne] Title one (100)
[ImageTwo] Title two (35)
[ImageThree] Title three (169)

My questions are:

  1. Does Ghost provides the number of visits to a page? Simple visits, forgetunique visits or requerrent.
  2. If (1) Is it possible to insert it in a different page than its source?

Thank you.

Have a look at Fathom analytics; it lets you publish your website visitors using a public link that you could add to your page.

Fathom Analytics

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Thank you for the input but I am afraid I did not explain myself well in the first time.

What I want is to show the number of visits to the user. The mentioned menu is the main menu where every visitor choose what to see.

In current times people use to see metrics: likes, views, visits, etc. this is Web 2.0, but I had not see such things in Ghost and I wonder if it is easy to add.

Have you seen what I am looking for?

You mean like this?

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I want to be able to put those visitors in the page where the links are listed.

Every social media system has it, in the galleries or in the feeds, you can see a picture, a title and their interactions (visits, likes, shares, etc)

No, that’s not possible using vanilla Ghost. Some commenting systems like Discourse (what this forum runs on) support embedding into Ghost sites, which in turn supports likes.

But Ghost is a blog, not social media.

Further, I’d argue that almost no sites show visitor counts for the currently viewed page in 2020. To me, that’s more reminiscent of Geocities, not a modern website. There could also be privacy implications to consider.

You could try embedding something like AddThis into your theme, which might support like/share counts. Two things though: those tools add significant overhead and will make your page load a lot slower. And, you will never get 100% of the picture, because these tools are more useful on desktop than mobile, where the natural action will be to use the iOS/Android Share Sheet.


Thank you. The fact Ghost can not include the number of visitors in the posts.

I think it is worth to clarify Ghost IS NOT a Blog, it is a simple CMS. Blogs were the father of social media and includes in its core the comment system that you mentioned.

I hope with Ghost(Pro) it evolves.