Can I use the /actions endpoint in the Admin API?

I was looking to access events that trigger webhooks in a programatic way via the admin API. I didn’t see anything in the docs but after checking out the code I see /v3/admin/actions/ exists. After some playing around I can confirm this provides exactally what I need.

Is this safe to use? Will it be documented soon or is it for internal use only?

Hey @moonmeister! You can always use any API endpoint if it solves your problem. IMO it’s unlikely to break for API v2 or v3. If you decide to use it, it’s on you to track the changelog and make any changes if the endpoint breaks.

The endpoint is undocumented and not marked as stable because it has never been a priority. There are no guarantees the endpoint will be drastically changed/removed in future versions. So please use at your own caution.

Marking endpoint as stable is sort of a public contract that it will be properly maintained. This comes with time cost, which we are not always able to promise as a small team.

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