Cannot seem to remove certain social icons from my Ghost page

Hi Guys,

I’m running the Inros theme at Wahed.Ghost.Io

As you can see at the bottom left of my screen, I have two social icons that I’ve been trying to remove with no avail. I have already tried removing them in Ghost settings > General > Social accounts, but hasn’t worked.

I’m thinking there is a specific change I’d have to make elsewhere?

Thanks so much guys!

Different themes have different ways of handling, among other things, social icons. I believe in your case that those icons are hard-coded into the theme, most probably inside the footer.hbs file.
Try to find that file (in my case it is located in partials folder) and comment out or delete those icons.


@Thamid_Hannan - Probably best to go through the documentation for the theme: Inros Documentation - Ghost - GBJ solution