Can't select .yaml file?

Any idea why I’m not allowed to select the routes.yaml file in this folder? (It’s greyed out.)

That’s very odd @bradlau, is that happening for any file you try to upload to Ghost or just the routes file? Have you been able to upload a redirects.json file for example?

Yes @bradlau, that problem arises when you try to load in Safari. A transitional solution to this problem is to try loading it into Google Chrome. That way, you will avoid this charging problem. :wink:

I hope I’ve helped. A hug.


I didn’t realise this was an actual bug. @bradlau it’s been reported here:

And a fix is in the works here:

I was able to upload the file using Firefox. Looking forward to when that fix for Safari is released.

Thanks @DavidDarnes and @Dreamsur!


I had the same problem in Safari. Worked fine through Chrome though. Woohoo!

If you’re on the latest version of Ghost, it should work in Safari now

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