Can't set language for code fences in Ghost 2.0

I’m trying to use syntax like this:

var foo = "bar"

But in the new Ghost 2.0 editor it switches modes to a code block as soon as I type the third back tick. Is there a way to disable this, or provide the language through some other means?

In the meantime I can fall back to HTML, but would be nice to see if there’s a better workaround.

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@subdigital correct, the language selection feature isn’t built into the code card at present. Rather than using a HTML card you could use the markdown card which does support the syntax you want to use

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As of Ghost 2.22.0 it’s now possible to set the language when using fenced code blocks…

```lang+Enter will set the language immediately when creating the code card or you can use the language input inside the code card once it’s created.