[Casper] Customizing the favicon

How do I customize the Favicon for my Ghost Blog (Casper theme)? It seems to use the “Publication icon” for the favicon, but I’m looking to overwrite that.

I can’t find anywhere in the Casper source code where a favicon is specified, it seems to be declared outside the theme.


Like you said, you can replace it in the Ghost Admin area, simply deleting the current icon and uploading your own icon.
Another option is using the code injection section (header).
Assuming you have your icon in the root folder, you can add the following line:

<link rel="icon" href="you_icon.png" type="image/png">

The easiest way for me was to grab the image I wanted to use, make it 60 x 60 then add .ico to it on the computer. After that just upload it under publication icon.

Thanks, but to clarify, I’m not looking to change the “publication icon”, since that is used for more than just the favicon. I want to keep the publication icon the same, but override the favicon only. Does that make sense?

Sorry about that. I misunderstood. As far as what you’re trying to do, I’m not sure how to go about that.

I’d like to do the same as what you’re indicating here, but with the Dawn theme instead. Did you find a way to override the publication icon being used as the favicon?

Will come back here to update in case I find something :slight_smile: Thanks for posting the original question.

The solution provided by @bironthemes solves exactly the question asked in this topic. This overrides the favicon without changing publication icon.