Casper Theme (Link to tag page)

I’m just trying to get a link I place in the navigation bar that would take people to a tags page that shows each tag, then when clicked, it would display all the posts in that tag. Sorta like categories. Am I missing it somehow or does that need to be created manually with code?

I don’t believe casper has a tags page built in. If you’re able to edit the theme or load a custom theme, it would not be too hard to create one. Here are a couple examples of themes that do include a tags page.

If you like how one of these other themes looks, switching is an easy option. (Both of these themes can be downloaded for free as a zip file and uploaded to your Ghost site.)

Otherwise, you could do a little work to implement a tags page in Casper - you’d download the theme, add the page (and the partials that go with it), edit for styles, zip and upload. Because these themes use different classes than casper, some work will be needed to match the Casper styles. It’s not going to be quite as simple as just dropping in the files.

… and I almost forgot! Welcome to Ghost! :slight_smile:

Great thanks. I can edit it, I was just making sure I was not missing something obvious before I did. =)

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