Change "Subscribe" text in sign up form and button

I’d like to change the text on the standard subscription form from “Subscribe to” to “Sign up for” (followed by the publication name). I’d also like to change the text in the button on the form from “Subscribe” to “Sign up”.

Is it possible to do this by adding CSS to Code Injection? I’m using the Headlines theme, hosted on


You can try this, Ghost Admin → Code injection → Site footer → paste below js code.

  const init = () => {
    const siteTitle = document.title;
    document.querySelector('.gh-subscribe-title').textContent = `Sign up for ${siteTitle}`;
    document.querySelector('.gh-subscribe-btn').textContent = 'Sign up'; 

  if (document.readyState = 'interactive') {
    document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', () => {
  } else {



Boom. Perfect! Thanks so much - have a great day.