Channel for Newsletter Page

I am having issues creating a channel for my newsletter page please help me

my routes.yaml looks like
post: page.home
template: page

controller: channel
data: page.newsletter
filter: tag:Newsletter

template: index
permalink: /{slug}/

tag: /{slug}/

here is my newsletter page ​​ and my newsletter posts which yes are tagged with Newsletter are not populating also is there any way to add css to the post view that populates like on here


filter: ‘tag:newsletter’

(ie without capitalizing the N in newsletter and using quotes), here’s how my channel is coded (don’t forget the indents too)
controller: channel
template: latestcore
filter: ‘tag:-hash-noncore’

Still nothing

Can I see your website

sorry, can’t help you then, I’m a noob too…if you are trying to create a channel with a single tag, then you would have a tag page with the same list of posts (ie as per your taxonomies)…best I can do!

I have a tag page you can see here

My theme is Casper by the way