Check for member in post (SOLVED)

Is there a way to check if someone is logged in, and their membership level, within a post? I want to create a snippet/card that would only show if someone is not logged in. Extra points if I can customize it to show different messages to subscribers versus members.

Related: Would it be possible to build the code using handlebars and put it in the code injection section of the admin?

Not within a post directly because post content is static.

What you could potentially do is add a html card with an insertion point such as <div class="member-cta"></div>. Then in your theme’s post template add some JS that gets inserted into that div. Eg:

    {{#if @member.paid}}
        document.querySelector('.member-cta').innerHTML = '<p>Thanks for being a paid member!</p>';
    {{else if @member}}
        document.querySelector('.member-cta').innerHTML = '<p>Thanks for being a member! Why not become a <a href="#/portal/signup">paid member for full access</a></p>';
        document.querySelector('.member-cta').innerHTML = '<p><a href="#/portal/signup">Sign up<a> or <a href="#/portal/signin">sign in</a></p>';

Great! I got it to work.

Follow-up: Would it be better practice to put the script in its own file, then call it from within the post.hbs file? I think I know how to do that, if I dig around in the docs.

Never mind – I put it in default.hbs instead, so it should get called from whatever post template I use. Thanks again!