Code injection (json-ld script) doesn't save

Hi Ghost team!

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. We’re trying to integrate a as a code injection to some articles in our blog.

Some of these articles are reviews, so we want them to appear with the stars in Google search, thus, we’re hoping to use rating snippets on our blog.

When we enter the code, it will simply say “Saving failed: Unknown Error”. Doesn’t seem to throw anything else anywhere.

We tried the different methods we found here: - but neither worked.

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction?

We just updated to the latest version 1.25.4 - casper theme with some CSS modifications. It didn’t work either on the previous version 1.19.0

Ok, I figured out the problem, after 10 hours I realised the error I was getting was due to Cloudflare blocking the PUT

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