Connect Ghost to Firebase Hosted Webapp's sub direcotry

I have a web app hosted in firebase to which my domain ( is connected.

I have ghost blog installed in my own linux server which is running on ubuntu 18.04.

What I want is to connect to the ghost blog.

My understanding is that my domain is pointed to the firebase IP address and hence is not working since blog is hosted in an linux server.

Thanks for your help.

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@Sudhakar_Vignesh I did some investigating in the Firebase hosting documentation - and it doesn’t appear that this is possible out of the box :confused:

You could maybe accomplish what you want by building a Cloud Function that essentially acts as a proxy to your Ghost blog…but that may be a lot of extra work.

Another alternative approach is to configure nginx on your linux server to route any request that isn’t /blog to your Firebase app url, then update your DNS to point at your linux server instead of at Firebase. It’ll ultimately mean your linux server gets more traffic, but that’s likely easier from a setup standpoint than trying to do it solely in Firebase.

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@acburdine Thanks for the suggestions. :slight_smile:

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