Create Tags via Ghost Content API


I’m trying to create tags via Ghost Content API, but I get this response:

11:37:26 PM Info {errors:[{message:Resource not found,context:null,type:NotFoundError,details:null,property:null,help:null,code:null,id:c9b70430-ff29-11ed-b55e-1f79296e5937,ghostErrorCode:null}]}
11:37:26 PM Info Tag artificial-intelligence creation failed

I’m using the latest version.
I send request to this end point:"

You need the admin api, not content. The easiest way to use it is the sdk. It wants a jwt, not a key.

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Thank you for your advice, I’ll use admin API.
I’m going to automate tags export from Google Sheets via Google Scripts. So I suppose I can’t use SDK then.

I updated an integration to JWT auth method and the issue was solved.

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