Created custom routing and getting data is redirecting too many times


I am working on Ghost v2.0 and I have created a new page called news.hbs and I have to get the data from Ghost without using {{get}} helper.

So I have tried to add the following code in routes.yaml,


The yaml code is uploaded successfully but the page is redirected too many times. Please find the screenshot below,

Kindly assist me.


Cannot reproduce.

Are using a nginx or apache locally?
What is your config “url” value?


I have installed Ghost v 2.0 in my local machine and it runs on http://localhost:2368/

I have a News page which has the following,

{{#foreach posts}}
{> "loop"}}

and on clicking that page it is redirecting too many times.

I have a URL which is running the same code in AWS and I would like to share it personally if you need it.

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