Creating Integration for our product

Hey there,

We are trying to create an official integration for our product with ghost publishing platform. Our platform helps publishers create AMP Stories ( more detail about AMP Stories @ Web Stories - ) . The only issue with AMP Stories is that they need to be in the AMP HTML format and cannot have any other HTML tags. This means that the entire needs to come from our platform and needs to be saved in the post. We have achieved this in WordPress & Drupal by creating a separate post type and a post type template. We are saving the entire HTML in a meta field and then while rendering the post, we take the meta field value and display it.

The data is transferred to the CMS in jSON format using WP-Api. I want to know if something like this can be done in Ghost ? If so, how do we get this in the official integrations.

Any help in this direction will be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance !

Hey @Pratik_Ghela :wave:t3:

I’m not quite sure what exactly you are asking? Do you want to know about AMP and Ghost in general, or are you using Ghost as a headless CMS?

AMP is build into Ghost :point_right:t3:

Using AMP when running Ghost as a headless CMS is a different story and not automatically supported. You would need to recreate the transformation to AMP yourself, or - depending on the framework you are using - use an existing module for that.

Gatsby for example has an AMP plugin: gatsby-plugin-amp | Gatsby

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