Creating Multi Language Blog in Ghost CMS

I have been creating a blog in Ghost CMS, where I have to place a dropdown on the header to select the language (English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese).

I have read the possible way to do it, using dynamic routing as in the following URL,

URL: Tutorials

I have a query that, by using this way do I need to rewrite the content of the blog posts for each languages or not.

Does this method automatically translate the language if I publish the post in english ?

Kindly assist me on the same.

No, you need to create and translate articles yourself. The tutorial gives you the ability to categorize content by language

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Thanks for the quick response @vikaspotluri123

It means that I have to create a post in each language with specific tags and categorize it using the tags.

Correct me if am wrong…

Is there any way to place the dropdown on the header and choose language to translate ? Only 3rd party integrations are available. Right ?

That’s correct

That’s right, there are only third party integrations, or you have to add a javascript snippet to dynamically add a dropdown like that

Thanks @vikaspotluri123.

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