Custom Home Page

My use case i think is similar to this thread .

Recently i just setup my home page on firebase hosting . This is my homepage .

Basically it is just a regular static html file . Just one page .

And i also just finish setup a ghost blog on digitalocean using one click install . Below is my blog link

Then i came across this tutorial provided by ghost foundation .
About creating custom home page .

The question i only have is that :
1. Where do i upload my index.html file or in this case maybe i need to change it to home since there is already file called index? Is it uploading it with zipped casper theme file to design tab?
2. Is is necessary to change .html to .hbs even if i did not use any handlebar template on my custom html page?

done . thanks for the previous thread .

now new question .
1. how do i add shop page ? something like shop.hbs ?
is it something like
routes: /: home /: shop

or i need to create a /shop/ collection ?

which one is correct way to do this?

Update :
Interestingly the usual home page or index.hbs(i think so) , the design change . post only have on size . not like before where featured post will be on top and bigger . why was that ?

It depends what you would like to achieve.
For a single static page, you need to use routes.

    /: shop

If you want to create multiple posts for the shop, you need to use a collection.

and do you have any idea why index.hbs does not looks like this

instead it just change to this



i mean new post or featured post just act like other post card
why was that ?
i just change route and add home.hbs
also css for my home.hbs . nothing more than that .

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