Custom Post Template Error (Missing Custom Theme Setting: "post_image_width")


My site can be accessed here. I have followed this tutorial, no changes were made:

But upon uploading the theme with the newly created custom template, I’m getting the following error:


I checked my custom-projects.hbs file and this is what I have regarding the post_image_width

<article class="article {{post_class}} {{#match @custom.post_image_width "Full"}}image-full{{else match @custom.post_image_width "=" "Small"}}image-small{{/match}}" style="padding-top: 0;">

Any help to solve this issue would be appreciated, thanks!

As it’s mentioned in the error, if you are using custom settings, those must be defined in the package.json file.
For Casper, all custom settings are defined here and more specifically the one that you are interested in:

It seems in the latest version of Casper there is no post_image_width but post_image_style, so that’s likely the problem. You can try replacing @custom.post_image_width with @custom.post_image_style in your code.


Thanks. "post_image_style" was natively defined in the package.json file.
So I’ve added "post_image_width" and it seems to be working now.

However, I’m getting similar errors after each upload, telling me something else is missing.
Knowingly: "email_signup_for_logged_out_visitors" or "show_recent_posts"

Since the tutorial doesn’t mention this at all, is there documention to fill the gaps / solve these errors?