Custom Template Pages - Can't Set Title!?

I have setup a few collections with custom template pages.

For each of these collections I have noticed that the in the header is always:
{{site_name}} (Page 1)

How do I change this, it seems odd that it’s not taking the page title that has been set as the collection page.



You can try to change it with this :


This would mean all pages would have a title as ‘site title’.

I may not have explained the problem correctly in the first place. I’m talking about the title in the head. This is the line of code:
<title>{{meta_title page=(t "meta-page")}}</title>

The problem is that when you have a Collection page, the title ends up being “My blog (Page 1)” which is not great. I’m looking for control over this so it makes more sense to the user.


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Have you tried that:
<title>{{t "My blog"}}</title>

I tested it out, works fine

How do I include the article title, or tag title, or collection title in this area?

Home: MySite - Home
Collection: MySite - Collection Title
Tag: MySite - Tag Title
Article: MySite - Article Title

At the moment my default.dbs file is pretty simple. It just has the code I pasted above. It means that every page is titled “MySite” and collections are “MySite (Page 1)” which is not a good SEO solution.

Found a solution

Glad you found a solution! :slight_smile:

I’ll bookmark it, it could surely help me too maybe!