Custom Theme Development or Customisation

Hi All,

I run a small independent media company in Melbourne, Australia. We’re looking to launch a new membership site next month and are looking for a developer to help us create a custom Ghost theme that fits with our branding.

I’ve tried customising some template themes myself but I’m not a designer/developer so can’t really get the quality of result we’re looking for.

Does anyone have any developers/designers they can recommend? We’ll be looking to start the project asap.


Hi Luis, I just emailed you and you said 'Unfortunately, I don’t work with Ghost, but if you’re comfortable with theme development and the rest of requirement that you mentioned, we can move ahead."

So I’m not quite sure why you’ve responded to this ad where I’m specifically looking for someone to help with Ghost theme development.

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You may take custom development service from

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Hi @kristofor,

Have you got your person for your theme work? If you didn’t get, I can help you to make a new theme or customisation.

Please let me know if you need any help.

Email me:


How good are you with custom home pages and drop down menus? I already have my theme, just need a bit more tweaks.

Hi, I am very good to work with ghost. I have developed a lot of themes. Can you show me your design or site so I can check?