Default card assets still showing with theme that excludes them in package.json

I am developing a custom theme for my new website. I created custom styles for all the editor cards, so I followed the documentation and excluded the default card assets in my package.json like so:

"config": {
  "card_assets": false

When I upload my theme to a staging version of the site, all of the default card assets are still included and override my custom styles. I ensured the format followed the docs and I also restarted the Ghost server after configuring this setting.

Am I using the correct formatting? Is there something else I must do for this to work?

It looks correct. Have you restarted Ghost? I haven’t been able to replicate it. If you’re still having issues, are you able to share your whole package.json file?

I just restarted the Ghost server again, and all is well. :man_shrugging: Maybe the first restart didn’t take, or I accidentally restarted my local server thinking it was the staging server. Thanks!.


Oh, I’ve never ever done that!

Er… ok, I think it’s been at least an hour since I’ve done that. :)