Deploying a custom ghost build in production

I made a fork and added some changes to core (server side), specifically the email template. Things work fine locally, but now I’m at a loss as to how to deploy it to production. I’m looking to use Render as my hosting service, and they have instructions on how to use their ready-made Ghost docker image, but nothing custom.

Looking through the forum, it seems like previously the suggestion was to use grunt release to produce a zip file and then upload that?

Is that still the case? Many of the other grunt commands seem to have been deprecated.

I’m not sure if Render supports installing via the Ghost CLI, but if it does, you can just install from zip:

ghost install --zip /path/to/zip

Since Render is more of a PaaS, you probably won’t want to setup nginx, SSL, and use a local process manager since Render will probably manage the process.

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Thanks! What’s the right command to create a release zip? Some other docs show grunt release but I wasn’t able to run that successfully…

grunt release is definitely the right way to go - you can see how it’s done here:

Ok, I was able to get grunt release to complete. I then uploaded the release zip file to my GCP Compute Engine vm, but when I run ghost install -zip I get the following error:

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Also, thank you so much for helping me!

Make sure you don’t change the package.json name from ghost :slight_smile: