Detecting a member's tier

Is it possible to determine a member’s tier in the handlebars helpers?

E.g. on a pricing page like …

… I’d like to be able to display a ‘Your current tier’ kind of message, to encourage upgrading (and enable downgrading, too, I guess).

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This part of tiers is still WIP! It would actually be super useful if you could write out and share the theme code you’d expect/want to work :slight_smile:


I’d be looking for something along the lines of

    {{#if @member}}
        {{#has tier="basic"}}
        {{else tier="pro"}}
        {{else tier="gold"}}

Yep, that’s exactly the kind of thing that’d be the most helpful, I think — based on the tier slug … but that means we would probably need to see (and edit, too, most likely) the tier slug somewhere, somehow.

As a small side-note, I’ve always wanted to be able to make a more dynamic check with a ‘has’, i.e. comparing two dynamic strings, something along the lines of:

{{#has @member.tier.slug=product.slug}}
    … do some stuff here

… so, e.g., I can check things in a {{#foreach @product}} loop, but that’d mean a new helper, right. And I’ve never managed to work out if/how to do that on a Ghost Pro install.

Saying this, partly, coz I can see the product_id in a {{log @member}} at @member.subscriptions.0.price.product.product_id … but can’t really use that without being able to do a dynamic string comparison, I think.

I’m currently accomplishing this via some very hacky handlebars-assisted javascript and CSS, but having this built into the helpers would be tremendously useful.

Both @ForestCityBuild and @joesb suggestions would be nice, but just being able to get the member’s actual tier slug or nickname using {{plan.slug}} and/or {{plan.nickname}} would be good. Currently nickname still only returns monthly or yearly as near as I can determine. I’m currently having to use {{plan.amount}} (and some hard-coded javascript) to determine which tier they’re in.

Ooh, I’m wondering if the new {{match}} helper released in 4.19.0 is able to do some of this string comparison stuff I’m eager to be able to do.

The commit notes look super-interesting:

- The match helper allows for basic equals and not equals comparisons,
  {{match title "=" "Getting Started"}}
  {{match slug "!=" "welcome"}}
- There's a lot more functionality we want to add here, so that it ends up being a replacement for {{#has}}
- However, this first iteration is already useful, especially in the context of custom theme settings
- Therefore we are adding it early, and will document it along with custom theme settings when that goes GA very soon

Will be trying that out today!

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Lord have mercy! It works as I’d hoped!


The current long route round to get the member’s tier is something like @member.subscriptions.0.price.product.product_id, so then …

{{#foreach @products as |product|}}
  {{#match @member.subscriptions.0.price.product.product_id "="}}
    {{log product.slug}}

… and that dumps the right product slug (i.e. the product slug for the product that matches the tier to which the user is subscribed) to the log — yay!


Since @member.subscriptions is an array and I guess members could be subscribed to multiple tiers, you could easily loop over the subscription array to match to the product.