Display Post of Each Tags

I want to display below on single loop

Tag 1
- article 1
- article 2

Tag 2 
-article 3
-article 4


Tag N
article N
article N+1

I have tried like this to show the tag title

{{#get "tags"}}
    {{#foreach tags}}

// it show perfectly the title of tag

I tried to put foreach inside foreach to display the post

{{#get “tags”}}
{{#foreach tags}}


{{#get “posts”}}
{{#foreach posts}}

But i get error (the tag title is ok) like aSyNcId.
Anyone can help me solve this problem?


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You can’t use a nested get helper because you run into issues with async

Yes… So do you have another solution to solve my problem?

My solution is create one by one tag and show its post. But, when user create more tag, they need add the code. That’s why i need single loop. So user doesnt need to touch the code.

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