Display the message on pages

Hello :wave:

If I selected post access only for members to pages, how I can display the message?

I’ve tried to copy this code from post.hbs to page.hbs but it does not work:

Can somebody help me? Many thanks. :grinning:

Hello @amun

I think it’s only available for the post at the moment. I hope that later the ghost team can incorporate for the pages.

Otherwise you can ask ghost’s team. They’ll explain in more detail

Try doing something dirty.
For example, you can use the routes.

In the route you create a page and send to call all the data of a post.

You can tell me later if it works or not.

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Thank you for your answer, I appreciate it. :+1:

@Core it will be this implemented in the near future?

I didn’t find the bump button (definitely should be activated) :grin: