Docker/podman - how to use/pass variables -?

Hi guys, I’m new here so go easy on my please.

I try to use Ghost with podman - have no means to try Docker - and I checked the docs but found nothing which would really properly discuss variables users could use with ‘docker run’
I’ve fiddled a bit blindly guessing, eg:
… -e database__client=mysql -e database__connection__host=“”
but nothing of those end up in ‘config.production.json’ which I understand is the config which Ghost follow.

Would anybody be kind and point to documentation which covers this part(s) of Ghost?
many thanks, L

If you pass environment variables they override whatever is in your config.production.js file - typically in a Docker setup that file is never touched and all of the config is provided via environment variables instead.

Environment variable format is the second style you mentioned. That’s detailed a bit more in the docs

Can those two be mixed together - I think it’s not playing up well - meaning that some vars are in .json and others are set with ‘-e’ ?