Download GA4 data collected from another website

Hi there,

I need to fix a Ghost website that was written around 2019 and has not been updated in that time. Before Google migrated from UA to GA4 it was working. The website has been downloading data from Google Analytics that was collected from another website. Unfortunately, I don’t know yet how this data has been downloading and I wanted to ask what solution you would suggest to download data from GA4? This is my first come into contact with a Ghost site, so if should provide more details, please point me in what I should let you know about these sites.

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I don’t really understand what you’re asking here.

Is it about setting up GA4 on the Ghost site?

Or getting data out of Google Analytics?

Please give us a bit more info!

Thank you for the very quick reply. Another website sends data to Google Analytics. The task for the Ghost website is to retrieve the data and display it.

Could you please clarify what is unclear in my question?

Ghost itself has no ability to download data from third parties, such as Google, and display it.

Where should the data from Google Analytics even be displayed? In the Ghost Admin? Or on the actual frontend of the website?

What you have in front of you sounds like a custom solution somebody built on top of Ghost – certainly not a standard plugin, integration, etc.

My first idea would be to look in Settings → Integrations → Custom and see if anything is set up there. Most likely you just find a custom integration with an API key. Then you gotta chase down where that API key is used outside of Ghost.

The data from Google should be displayed in the Ghost Admin. You are right, I found something in Settings → Integrations → Custom. I’ve got here an URL wich directs me to a localhost on our server and the API key. Now I need to find the code and do a research what is going on here. Thank you Jannis.

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