Dropdown menu for main nav

Hi everyone,

I need to create drop-down menu for menu items in the main navigation bar. Ghost only offers one secondary nav, but I need to have a drop-down menu on the main nav also. WordPress has something like this https://www.cloudaccess.net/wordpress-tutorials/143-getting-started/1071-tutorial-11-creating-sub-menu-items-drop-down-menu-items-in-wordpress.html, but Ghost doesn’t. I know that it has to do with navigation.hbs. I am a beginner and not an expert in web design. I have searched everywhere but haven’t found any resources to follow. I’d appreciate any help!

Thank you very much in advance!

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@True_Chan I understand being a beginner!

I would suggest “learning by example”:

Find a free theme that has the specific feature you want already built-in. Then look at the code to see how it was done. The Liebling theme might be a good starting point for studying drop-down menus, because it has 2 different types which you can see on the demo:

You can also go through the other free themes here, and find some more examples of drop-down menus:

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