EACCES: permission denied, rmdi

✖ Checking file permissions
✔ Checking content folder ownership
✔ Checking memory availability
One or more errors occurred.

1) Checking file permissions

Message: Your installation folder contains some directories or files with incorrect permissions:
- ./content/themes/ghost-theme-kaldorei/.git/objects/pack/pack-d3a44099f00241c55367c12246c8e1276ecd44e7.pack
- ./content/themes/ghost-theme-kaldorei/.git/objects/pack/pack-d3a44099f00241c55367c12246c8e1276ecd44e7.idx
- ./content/themes/ghost-theme-kaldorei/.git/hooks/fsmonitor-watchman.sample
- ./content/themes/ghost-theme-kaldorei/.git/hooks/post-update.sample
- ./content/themes/ghost-theme-kaldorei/.git/hooks/applypatch-msg.sample
- ./content/themes/ghost-theme-kaldorei/.git/hooks/pre-receive.sample
- ./content/themes/ghost-theme-kaldorei/.git/hooks/pre-commit.sample
- ./content/themes/ghost-theme-kaldorei/.git/hooks/pre-rebase.sample
- ./content/themes/ghost-theme-kaldorei/.git/hooks/update.sample
- ./content/themes/ghost-theme-kaldorei/.git/hooks/commit-msg.sample
- ./content/themes/ghost-theme-kaldorei/.git/hooks/prepare-commit-msg.sample
- ./content/themes/ghost-theme-kaldorei/.git/hooks/pre-push.sample
- ./content/themes/ghost-theme-kaldorei/.git/hooks/pre-applypatch.sample
- ./content/themes/ghost-theme-kaldorei/page-archives-post.hbs
- ./content/themes/ghost-theme-kaldorei/assets/plugins/fancybox-3.1.25/jquery.fancybox.min.js
- ./content/themes/ghost-theme-kaldorei/assets/plugins/fancybox-3.1.25/jquery.fancybox.min.css
Run sudo find ./ ! -path "./versions/*" -type f -exec chmod 664 {} \; and try again.

Debug Information:
    OS: Ubuntu, v18.04
    Node Version: v8.11.4
    Ghost-CLI Version: 1.9.3
    Environment: production
    Command: 'ghost doctor'

Try running ghost doctor to check your system for known issues.

I know I can change permissions with chown -R user:user , but can I run something to fix it forever?, in order to when I upload a theme, it keep “ghost” as owner.

If you’re having permissions trouble then you should run ghost doctor to diagnose and fix

hi, that what I posted is the ghost doctor report, I can’t fix it only changing the owner, wich is the right permission for all those files? 664?

anyway, I think if I upload other theme, I will get same error of wrong permissions, how can I fix it forever?

Ghost doctor tells you exactly what to run. Did you try this ^ command?

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