Edge Theme: Centering Featured Images

In the Edge theme, when you create a new post and add a featured image, is there a way that you can center that image? Mine show up left aligned. I think it’s because my images to not occupy the entire width of the page.


Do you mean the featured image appears left aligned in the Ghost Editor or after you publish the post?

You can inject CSS code in settings-> code injection to center it in the post:

.post-image {
        margin: auto;

The images are totally centered. In some view they were showing up left aligned yesterday (I don’t remember what view, I just tried to replicate it and can’t today).

So my bad! Ignore this thread. Thank you for your responses, @hkalant & @Carnarts. Just tried to delete this thread but it’s staying on da internet foreva :woman_facepalming:t4: haha

Ah, that’s interesting. They do shift to the left of centre for me in this theme. But I fixed it with the CSS above. :slight_smile:

Interesting. If/when this happens again, now I know how to fix it. Thanks @Carnarts.

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