Editing Digest Theme

Hi there,

I’m currently using the Digest theme for my Ghost-hosted site, located here.

I want to make a few edits, via the CSS injection to remove the following:

The latest issue label (either remove this internally, or edit the text)
The date (from this and all subsequent posts)
The subscribe to box at the bottom of every page

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi @elliotmichaels,

You can add the following:

<style>.gh-article-meta, .gh-subscribe-wrapper { display: none; }</style>

This solved EVERYTHING. Thank you so much!

One more question:

I’ve successfully managed to change the background colour of the nav bar and then the font for most of the bar to white, but can’t seem to change the font colour of the navigation bar and hamburger menu to white? Any idea what the correct CSS would be?

Hi, I releazie that this is an old post but I use the same theme and I also want to remove the “Subscribe” link in the navigation. How can I do that, please? Thank you.


You can add this in code injection:

<style>.gh-head-actions { display: none; }</style>
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