Editorial theme post display limit

I’m messing around locally with the Editorial theme: GitHub - TryGhost/Editorial: A free, open source theme for Ghost

And I can’t seem to remove the limit on the index page. You get 6 posts to be displayed and then you have to click ‘older posts’ to get to the next page.

The problem is the ‘Subscribe’ button covers it. So as a quick fix instead of working out how to move the location of the button I wanted to just not have a limit on the front page.

Or if no limit at all is stupid figuring out how to adjust the button would be helpful too :sweat_smile:

I tried changing the limit:

{{#foreach posts limit="7"}}

No dice, I tried adding a column:

{{#foreach posts columns="3"}}

But I’m new to handlebars and that exhaused the documentation around foreach posts which I assume is where I have to do something?

I think you’re looking for How to edit the number of posts per page in Ghost - FAQ

I don’t think you can do unlimited posts per page; if you want to do that, you might want to use something like infinite scrolling :)

Sweet, I’ll dig in. This worked a treat, thank you @vikaspotluri123 :blush:

Are there docs for infinite scrolling? I found from another one of your comments that Casper has infinite scrolling so I tried to copy it. It went well enough but I noticed that Casper actually also has a posts_per_page: 25 config? Does how does this work with infinite scroll? When I do this the config takes president over the infinite scroll and blocks me? Or is infinite scroll a lie?! :exploding_head:

Another question I ran into doing this was what does: casper.js.map do? I found reference to the infinite scroll in there but it was just a cut and paste of what was in the /assets/js/infinite-scroll.js file? Its called from the default.hbs file but I got the same result just calling the infinite-scroll.js file, since I didn’t know what the equivalent to casper.js would be for my theme.

Or any ideas on moving the ‘subscribe’ portal button?