Embed a live stream on a ghost post/page?

Is it possible to live stream to ghost?

You’d need some kind of “intermediary”, e.g. Vimeo, YouTube, etc.

Imo, these providers should all provide snippets for live streams, which you can embed in your Ghost site.

But as a native option, no. Live streams aren’t possible “out of the box”.

If your goal is to keep everything “in-house”, you can hack together your own solution: Livestreaming web audio and video - Developer guides | MDN

But honestly, it’s just easier to rely on a third-party service in this case, since they have already figured it out.

totally works for me to use Youtube or Vimeo and then just embed. it’s possible to do that?

I couldn’t think of a reason why not. You should get a normal embed code as for any other video as well.