Embed/sync Google Doc?

Pretty sure I know the answer, but thought I’d throw this out there –

Is there a way to embed a Google Doc in a Ghost page such that the doc on Ghost is updated if the Google Doc changes?

I’ve got a resource I’m thinking of building on my site (2020 election guide) that would be about 128 different pages, with some regular updates. I’d like to set up a template in Google Docs with some tables and such, and use that format.

Thanks for any help!

If you just simply embed your google doc in a ghost post, it will be automatically up to date always? I hope I understood you correctly.

Ah – I was using the “embed” card in the editor, and getting a bookmark card. Now I’ve published the doc to the web in Google Docs, and grabbed the iframe code and embedded it in an HTML card on Ghost. The problem now is that the iFrame is not expanding its height to accommodate the content. I’ll work on that. Thanks!