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Start growing your audience from anywhere on the web, using the new embeddable signup forms. It's now even easier attract new subscribers from any website, while keeping Ghost as the hub for your memberships.


Include your logo, publication name, and description in your signup form, and optionally select a custom background color to fully promote your brand.


If you prefer to keep it simple, use the minimal form to add a subscribe bar to any site.

Both forms allow you to assign labels at signup, so you can keep track of how much audience growth comes from each embedded form.

To get started, head to SettingsMembership, select a layout, and color, apply your labels, then simply copy the embed code for use anywhere on the web, like this:

Ghost(Pro) users can log in and start enjoying all of this right away! If you're a developer, self-hosting Ghost, you'll need to update to the latest version to get access to everything that's new.


I just tried it. I can’t select the layout nor the “labels at signup” in the “Embed signup form” window.

Hey I just try it and it is broken.
I am sharing the screenshot

I have the same issue.

Works great here:

(That’s my Ghost Pro-hosted test site.)

Folks who are having problems, I’ll guess that you have a proxy of some sort in front of your site or are doing some URL rewriting. That screen needs to make a call to your API (on your backend URL) and load a piece of javascript. If you open developer tools (F12) and look at your console log, you might find a hint about the problem.

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The new function does not work in a wordpress site. What can be the reason?

What does the console log say when you press submit?

Amazing! I have embedded into my Ghost homepage - I presume that’s okay to do? Or is there a better way of doing that on own soil?

Could the privacy notice to click also be integrated into the window, which can be embedded? Like in the photo?

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Is it possible to set which newsletter in the case there are multiple under the same Ghost?


It seems to be blocked by ad blockers. On Brave browser, the embed field shows blank space when the shield is up.

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Just a reply to tell you that after updating ghost to 5.52.0 everything seems working like a charm.

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Pretty cool addition, even if I usually don’t plan to add more than one. I already have the standard one at the end of the article.

I think this needs a bit more love from us all: a GREAT development, thank you :blush:


Any way to set which newsletter the users are subscribing to? I want to set up a few pop-up newsletters but managing more than one newsletter is a little…strange in ghost right now.

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