Embeddable signup forms

Hi There, I was searching on how to translate the embeddable signup forms. The button and the placeholder are in english but I need dutch. Also how to theme the input and button? The input and the button are to big so how can I resize it?

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I am just solving embeddable signup forms styling on client’s landing page.
It is rendering content of form in iframe so classic CSS can’t be used.
I was able to restyle it using Javascript. Very ugly solution but it works.

Thanks Ravn, Ok nice that you found a workaround for styling. Do you have an example how you did this?

How about the translation of this button and placeholder? Any help would be very appreciated :-)

This is possible, two ways:

  • The Hard way: edit theme as shown in the official guide
  • Easy(dirty) way: change through code injection, but this requires inspecting your page code(I can’t tell which theme you are using)