Error my posts on the home page do not appear after using the Ghost API

Hello guys. I need help again.

I created 2 collections to filter my content and I did it using the routes.yaml file and I will leave the code below:

  /signup/: members/signup
  /signin/: members/signin
  /account/: members/account
  /offline/: offline

    permalink: /anime/{primary_tag}/{slug}/
    template: index
    filter: tag:hash-anime
    data: tag.anime
    permalink: /manga/{primary_tag}/{slug}/
    template: index
    filter: tag:hash-manga
    data: tag.manga
    permalink: /{slug}/
    template: index

  tag: /tag/{slug}/
  author: /author/{slug}/

After creating the collections everything worked perfectly then, I made several publications using the Ghost API so that everything was divided. The division worked too.

But my posts no longer appear on my website’s homepage.

Follow the URL: https:

Can you help me? Has anyone experienced this problem?

Hello guys, I managed to solve this problem!

I’m sharing it here so I can write it down and if someone gets here with the same problem they will have an answer.

So, to solve this problem I just created a filter that takes all my posts that have the private tag #blog

After I made this filter and added this tag to my “normal” posts, they returned to the home page.

Sorry for the bad English.