Extend data model?


I’m looking into extending the data model and from all the previous attempts at other users to inquire about this in the forums it appears to go nowhere. Aside from adding new items to schema.js, is there a straightforward way to add an item, migrate the database, and then have that column be added, etc?

From there I’d be looking to add two additional text inputs to the Post Settings slide out panel but upon searching the entire project for ‘input’ in Atom (or whatever IDE you want), it seems that those HTML elements exist only the the ghost.min.js file and that they are either only there, or they are concatenated and minified at runtime or server start and that unless you’re one of the contributing devs on Github, there’s no way to access the unminified scripts.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hey Hannah,

Are those instructions essentially the same as installing via Homebrew? If so I’ve already done that… otherwise I’ll get right on it!


No, they are very different to a homebrew install.


Thanks @Kevin

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