Failed to update posting date via API

I’m trying to change the publication date of my posts using the ghost API for javascript (@tryghost/admin-api). However, every time I send the “publish_at” parameter with a new date, the server returns the following error:

{ ValidationError: Validation error, cannot edit post.
    at makeRequest.catch (/Users/gabriel/Project/node_modules/@tryghost/admin-api/lib/index.js:348:33)
    at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7)
  name: 'ValidationError',
  context: 'Validation failed for posts[0].',
  type: 'ValidationError',
   [ { keyword: 'additionalProperties',
       dataPath: '.posts[0]',
       schemaPath: '#/additionalProperties',
       params: [Object],
       message: 'should NOT have additional properties' } ],
  property: 'posts[0]',
  help: null,
  code: null,
  id: '9f56b7e0-10ce-11eb-aa83-1f605171c428' }

Can the “publish_at” parameter be changed? If not, is there another way to update the publication date of the posts?

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Can you try using published_at (past tense)?

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Some posts I’m putting older dates and other posts recent dates

Instead of using publish_at, use published_at :wink: