Feature Request - Last Login Display and Sort/Filter

In members, you can see the account creation date and can change the sort newest or open rate.

I imported a number (over 500 in the first tranche) of active members from another platform (did not transfer over lurker accounts) and have no easy way to know if any of them visited my Ghost community without searching for them or noticing they added a comment (Cove) or by some other method.

So - I would like to see three new elements added to the members UI that I think would be valuable to all other Ghost community operators:

  1. Last login date (there is more than enough room for this) between Location and Created; and
  2. Add “Last Login” to the Sort by: drop-down menu (most recent date order)
  3. A “Never Logged In” filter in the All Members drop-down menu

Some of these issues have been brought up in comments in other threads – I thought I would give them their own voice.